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Why choose The Elstein Law Firm?

Commitment to Personal Service…I will handle your case, not a caseworker
Reputation…we don’t need to do silly ads on Billboards, TV or Radio
Experience…see our success tab for past settlements and verdicts

Over the past 15 years, we have helped clients throughout the State of Florida and unlike many larger, high-volume law firms, Mr. Michael Elstein has a boutique practice where he does not have to bring in hundreds of cases in order to sustain a successful practice.

logo-ERather, the Elstein Law Firm business model has existed for over 15 years by Mr. Michael Elstein selecting only those cases where clients have sustained significant injuries and he has limited his practice to maintaining a manageable caseload so that Palm Springs Florida Injury Lawyer Mr. Michael Elstein is available to personally meet and/or speak with you at the beginning of your case, and will be personally involved in developing legal strategies for your case and update you, together with our staff, while we aggressively seek the full measure of your damages in personal injury related claims or while we obtain medical and wage benefits in workers compensation cases.

We are proud of the fact that other than supporting local charities and organizations, the Elstein Law Firm prides itself in not expending monies advertising on bus benches, billboards, TV and / or radio and has maintained a reputation of obtaining big firm results by providing personalized, experienced legal services that past and present clients throughout the State of Florida appreciate and recognize and have formed the basis of our success over the years by continuing to refer cases to our firm.

My name is on the door and when you hire my firm, all legal aspects of your case will be handled by me, not an associate or an investigator, and you will have direct communication with me during all relevant time frames of your case, via phone and/or email, as opposed to other law firms who will assign your case to a case manager and/or secretary who may have hundreds of cases and most if not all of your questions will be answered by a non-lawyer employee/representative. Mr. Michael Elstein takes pride in the fact that clients hire lawyers, not firms and he will address your questions and concerns immediately during the pendency of your case.

logo-EFinally, unlike many other law firms, Mr. Michael Elstein will dedicate whatever resources and spend whatever costs are necessary to obtain the maximum amount of money you deserve even if it means taking your case to trial, where Mr. Michael Elstein has had many successes at trial and at the appellate level in representing both personal injury and workers compensation clients.

Insurance companies pay attention to those law firms who are willing to take the time, dedicate the resources and spend the money to file a lawsuit and litigate a case to conclusion. The Elstein Law Firm has the reputation to file a lawsuit, where the insurance company refuses to make a reasonable offer to settle, and if necessary, take your case into a courtroom where a jury can decide the full measure of your compensation.

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