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Michale and Damaris were amazing! They helped with my auto accident, were friendly and extremely professional and always available to me.
Dayra Kovacs
Dayra Kovacs
April 4, 2024
Attorney Elstein and Paralegal Damaris Ocasio are the to go team for a workers comp case.Eilsten solve my case with a good outcome.Very professionals and highly knowledgeable.Thank you Eilstein and Damaris.
Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz
April 4, 2024
Elstein Law Firm, wow where do I start? It has been a journey that I will not forget. Mr Elstein has been representing me for a while in a case that I thought would never end. He has taken the time to understand me while I did the same. He has approached my case explaining every step in my case at different intervals. He has represented me in the most professional way possible. Even when my case became so stressful that it felt overwhelming, Mr Elsein and Damaris took the time out to allow me to recenter myself and not guilt me for feeing this way. Thank you so much for helping me through one of the most stressful experience I have had. Continue to represent your client with virtue, dignity and professionalism that you do.
Norma Moore
Norma Moore
March 21, 2024
Elstein Law Firm is a a company that makes you feel appreciated while you are feeling like you at your lowest point in life. I saw Mr Elstein had patience with my mother when she was feeling hopeless. Mr Elstein and Damaris from the firm took the time out to break down what was expected as we approached different steps. Thank you so much for your patience professionalism and the heartfelt labor that you put into your work.
Devienne Dunn
Devienne Dunn
March 21, 2024
Michael Elstein did a great job with my case . I would highly recommend him.
Tania Kerr
Tania Kerr
March 16, 2024
To say I had an amazing experience is an understatement! I was dealing with a terrible attorney prior however, Michael and his team took over my case and did more work within a few days than my previous attorney did for a whole month. His team worked quickly, set me up with the best medical care, kept me updated in my case, and ultimately closed my case with the best result. Despite not having much information from my previous attorney, they were very patient with me and did everything to help me.
karen paiz
karen paiz
February 28, 2024
Elstein Law Firm was wonderful to work with. Very professional and easy to talk to. If I had a question they responded fast with a call or email. Would highly recommend!
Jessica Heestand
Jessica Heestand
February 26, 2024
Mr Elstein and Damaris were wonderful handling my accident. Both were always available and quick to answer any questions.
Kim Walsh
Kim Walsh
February 20, 2024
Michael Elstein and Damaris were beyond helpful with sorting out my case. He helped me and my family during a very difficult time. I am very pleased with my outcome! Highly recommend.
Kelsey Swisher
Kelsey Swisher
February 16, 2024

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Extraordinary Attorney, Extraordinary Results……

These are just a few examples which exhibit the success of the Elstein Law Firm over the past several years.

These verdicts and settlements are intended to be representative of cases handled by the Elstein Law Firm. These listings are not a guarantee or prediction of the outcome of any other claims.

$300,000.00 Workers Compensation: Client injured knee and required knee surgery.

$300,000.00 Auto Accident:  Client injured shoulder requiring shoulder surgery.

$3,250,000.00 Personal Injury:  Client was injured in a golf cart accident which resulted in a fractured hip requiring hip replacement surgery.

$2,000,000.00 Medical Malpractice:   Client died as a result of missed diagnosis of brain bleed at hospital after CT was performed at local hospital.  Radiologist and hospital were sued.  Settled days before trial on behalf of surviving spouse.

$1,867,000.00  Workers Compensation: Client injured in truck accident, multiple back surgeries and complications.

$965,000.00 2020 Auto Accident: Settlement reached weeks before trial; multiple defendants; one level disc cervical herniation, surgery.

$500,000.00 Workers Compensation:  Client injured should and neck at work.  Required Spinal Cord Stimulator.  At time of settlement, client was working full time, secured large medical settlement.

$350,000.00  Auto Accident.  Client injured neck in low impact auto accident . Underwent cervical surgery.

$337,000.00 Workers Compensation:  Client injured knee at work.   Required total knee replacement and secured Permanent Total Disability.

$315,000.00 Auto Accident. Client injured neck in auto accident.  Underwent cervical surgery.

$275,000.00 2020 Fall at House: Settlement reached in litigation. Plaintiff injure in attic.

$265,000.00 Auto Accident:  Client injured wrist in auto accident.  Open Reduction and Internal Fixation Surgery Required.

$225,000.00 Workers Compensation.  Client injured knee.  Underwent two knee surgeries.

$220,000.00 Auto Accident.  Client injured in auto accident. Required kyphoplasty.

$160,000.00 Workers Compensation.  Client injured back.  Underwent back surgery.

$100,000.00 Auto Accident.  Client injured neck.  Underwent injections.   Carrier tendered full policy.

$50,000.00 Overtime Claim.  Sued local restaurant for unpaid overtime wages.  Case settled at mediation.

$4,000,000.00 Workers Compensation: Man injured from fall off of a roof, traumatic brain injury, 24 attendant care; over $4,000,000.00 in wages and medical paid out in connection with claim.

$3,000,000.00 Workers Compensation: Woman injured lumbar spine at work as a result of car accident; insurance carrier has paid out over $3,000,000.00 in benefits and continues to pay medical and wage benefits.

$2,000,000.00 Auto Accident: Man sustained traumatic brain injury after ejection from car accident case; all available policy limits tendered from owner of car which was a business entity

$1,250,000.00 Auto Accident: Man sustained severe ankle injury after being hit by a car in a parking lot; trial jury verdict of $1,500,000.00 reduced post trial to 1,250,000.00

$1,000,000.00 Medical Malpractice: woman died after colonoscopy examination; multiple defendants; settled after lawsuit filed.

$1,000,000.00 Premises Liability: Man fell from ladder in warehouse; negligent construction and/or alteration of premises; man suffered traumatic brain injury; policy limits of $1,000,000.00 paid after lawsuit filed.

$860,000.00 Workers Compensation: Man injured lumbar spine at work; achieved permanent total disability benefits and later negotiated lump sum settlement with Medicare Set Aside.

$750,000.00 Workers Compensation: Man injured cervical spine at work; achieved permanent total disability benefits and later negotiated lump sum settlement with Medicare Set Aside.

$725,000.00 Auto Accident: Woman injured as a result of a rear end auto accident on I -95; underwent surgery to her lumbar spine.

$650,000.00 Premises Liability: Teenager injured at house party; negligent supervision; teenager sustained severe upper extremity laceration and loss full use of arm.

$550,000.00 Workers Compensation: Man injured lumbar spine at work; could not return to work; achieved permanent total disability benefits and ultimate lump sum settlement.

$500,000.00 Auto Accident: Man injured on US Highway 1 in Key Largo as a result of rear end auto accident; under shoulder surgery and sustained injury to his cervical spine.

$435,000.00 Workers Compensation: Man injured after fall at work from second story home. Sustained pelvic fracture; claimed permanent total disability and ultimately settled case.

$350,000.00 Negligent Security / Premises Liability: Woman sustained multiple injuries after being assaulted in the parking lot of a Publix shopping plaza; lawsuit was filed against security company and landowner.

$350,000.00 Nursing Home Abuse: Woman sustained multiple injuries at Manor Care Nursing Home during her two week stay; case was resolved after significant litigation prior to trial.

$300,000.00 Workers Compensation: Woman injured right knee at work. She could not return to work and case settled in lump sum payment based upon permanent total disability after succeeding at trial.

$225,000.00 Auto Accident: Man injured lumbar spine and neck in auto accident; no surgery required.

$225,000.00 Workers Compensation: Man injured multiple fingers, partial amputations after working on table saw; case settled in lump sum payment.

$225,000.00 Workers Compensation: Man injured lumbar spine at work; did not return to work and case settled in lump sum payment.

$200,000.00 Unpaid Overtime: Two men were not paid overtime from large company where they delivered food items to different establishments in South Florida.

$100,000.00 Auto Accident: Man injured knee and underwent surgical repair of knee.

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