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Nursing Home Abuse

Wellington Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

You have willingly and lovingly cared for the escalating needs of your aged loved one but their physical, emotional or medical demands have become more than you can further manage on your own. Because their needs now exceed your capabilities, you have made the decision to place your loved one in a nursing home so they can receive the extended, humane and compassionate care you know they deserve. Unfortunately, nursing home settings are not always on the inside what they may appear to be outwardly.

logo-EMany nursing homes are struggling with social, economic and staffing pressures that stress their resources to unseen degrees. Undertrained staff, budget pressure, the forgoing of background checks, overworked yet underpaid caregivers, patient behaviors that frustrate and overwhelm ill-prepared staff and poor management procedures can all combine to allow and even cause breakdowns in the handling of loved ones in nursing home care.

The signs of abuse or neglect are occasionally as obvious as bedsores, bruising, unexplained lethargy from misuse of medication, demonstrations of fear or agitation, marks or signs of restraint and poorly justified weight loss.

But often the signs are easily missed. Emotional abuse or theft of personal items are less likely to be detected right away. Because elderly loved ones frequently struggle to effectively communicate or their frailty allows for easy intimidation into silence, they can be unable or unwilling to tell anyone of the abusive treatment being inflicted. Recurring debits on financial accounts are an easy method of victimizing the elderly in nursing homes due to ease of access to financial account information, little or no account monitoring and silence.

logo-EOccasionally, abuse and neglect in some settings have been so devastating as to cause the death of a loved one. Family members feel helpless to approach the problem. But there is help for this devastating situation.

When you find yourself dealing with the affects of the abuse or neglect of your loved one while in the care of a nursing home, you will need expert legal guidance. Few know the most effective approach to seeking resolution and recovery from nursing home abuse and neglect than Michael Elstein at the Elstein Law Firm located in Wellington, Florida and Palm Bay, Florida. Experienced, professional and compassionate to the devastation and frustration you and your loved one are going through, Elstein Law Firm will give uncompromised attention to your case and provide the peace of mind in knowing you have the expert help you need.

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