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Florida Nursing Home Abuse Help

Florida Nursing Home Abuse

Legal Help for Victims of Florida Nursing Home Abuse

A recent case in which a nursing home attendant was found naked and sexually molesting one of the patients in the facility has once again drawn public attention to the problem of Florida nursing home abuse. The incident occurred in December 2018 and resulted in charges of abuse of an elderly person and lewd and lascivious molestation of an elderly person and the jailing of the female nursing attendant. For families and individuals who have been victimized by nursing home staff, retaining the services of a qualified Florida nursing home abuse lawyer can provide added help in holding these individuals accountable and in securing a fair settlement for the injuries and damages incurred during these events.

Protecting the Freedoms of Nursing Home Residents

In the state of Florida, nursing home residents are entitled to a reasonable right of privacy, to visitation with friends and family members, to telephone conversations and mailed communications and the right to manage their own financial matters. Nursing homes must also provide religious freedom for their residents and must provide an environment that does not include physical or mental abuse, isolation from other people or chemical or physical restraints other than those prescribed by a medical doctor.

Acting on Behalf of Loved Ones Against Florida Nursing Home Abuse

Calling on a qualified Florida nursing home abuse lawyer can be a good first step toward holding these facilities and their employees responsible for their actions or their failure to act appropriately when caring for your relatives and loved ones. Your attorney will look into the charges and take the right legal action to help you hold these individuals and companies accountable. This can provide you and your loved one with the resources needed to achieve fair compensation for the neglect or deliberate actions of nursing homes and their staff.

If you need a qualified Florida  abuse lawyer, the team at Elstein Law Firm can provide you with your path to justice. We work with you and your family to determine the facts of the case and to take the right legal actions to protect your loved ones from abuse and neglect. Call us today at 561-422-9888 to schedule a free initial consultation with our team. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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