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Lake Worth Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Lake Worth Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Lake Worth Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

As a Broward and Palm Beach injury lawyer,  Lake Worth Nursing Home Abuse Attorney, Michael Elstein is pleased with with the announcement of BOLD.  BOLD Justice, a group consisting of the leaders from 23 different congregations in Broward County, was formed to address Broward County Nursing Home Abuse and Elder abuse in nursing homes. The major focus for BOLD Justice,  More formally known as Broward Organized Leaders Doing Justice is to take on challenges and issues of importance to the community each year.

This year, the organization announced that it will be working to combat two primary issues:

  • Helping to keep individuals with mental illnesses in treatment and out of the criminal justice system
  • Preventing and raising awareness of senior abuse in the nursing home environment

The treatment of senior citizens in nursing care facilities has been a concern for BOLD Justice for more than two years. The deaths caused by Hurricane Irma were a primary catalyst in this focus and affected many of those who participate in and support the organization.

Failure to Care for Vulnerable Patients

In September 2017, the arrival of Hurricane Irma caused power outages throughout Florida and resulted in 123 deaths. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20 of those deaths were directly related to power outages. One nursing home in Hollywood, Florida, lost 12 patients because of lack of air conditioning during the power outage. For some families, working with a Wellington nursing home attorney is the only way to hold nursing homes and their staff accountable for their failure to protect the safety of those in their care.

The Value of the Right Lake Worth Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

While BOLD Justice works to correct the conditions and failures that lead to nursing home deaths and unacceptable treatment for senior citizens in these facilities, families can pursue legal action against the responsible staff members and companies by engaging the services of a Lake Worth nursing home abuse  attorney. These dedicated legal professionals will provide real help in dealing with the financial burdens of injuries and losses caused by negligence or deliberate action in the nursing home environment.

If you need an experienced Lake Worth nursing home attorney, Elstein Law Firm can provide you with the right representation for your case. We work with you to determine the best and most effective approach to hold nursing home officials accountable for their actions and the actions of their staff members. Our assertive approach allows us to achieve the best results for your family. Call us today at 561-422-9888 to schedule a free consultation with our team. We want to be your path to justice.

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