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Primary Causes of Distracted Driving

Lake Worth Car Accident Lawyer

Lake Worth Car Accident Lawyer

According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving caused the deaths of at least 3,450 people in 2016. Understanding the causes of distracted driving can help you avoid becoming one of these statistics. Here are some of the most common types of distractions that can result in accidents and injuries to drivers and passengers in the Lake Worth area.

Visual Distractions

Anything that causes you to take your eyes and your attention away from the road ahead can be a source of visual distraction. This includes making eye contact with passengers, checking for items inside your car or texting on your cell phone. Focusing on your driving and avoiding these distractions can help you to spot traffic issues quickly and effectively, which can often prevent accidents before they occur.

Auditory Distractions

Loud music and other noises can prevent drivers from hearing sirens and giving way to the emergency vehicles that produce these sounds. Additionally, animated conversations and upsetting phone calls can prevent you from paying full attention to your driving. Staying off the phone and keeping your conversations lighthearted and casual are the best ways to avoid these issues.

Physical Distractions

Reaching for a drink, eating a snack or even changing the radio can require you to take one or both of your hands off the wheel. This can sometimes result in reduced control over your vehicle and an increased potential for accidents. Working with a qualified Lake Worth personal injury lawyer is often the best way to deal with accidents caused by distracted driving incidents on Florida streets and highways.

Emotional Distractions

Daydreaming or thinking about other things while you are driving can sometimes limit your ability to track what is happening on the road ahead of you. Making an effort to keep your mind on your driving is a good way to avoid accidents that could have been avoided with a little more attention and care.

If you are involved in an accident involving a distracted driver, working with a qualified and experienced Lake Worth car accident lawyer is a solid step toward obtaining fair compensation and resolving issues related to these accidents. The Elstein Law Firm specializes in providing the most effective and practical options for drivers and passengers who have been injured or who have sustained losses because of the distracted driving of others. Call us today at 561-422-9888 to schedule a free initial consultation. The Elstein Law Firm is here to be your path to justice.

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