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Dealing With Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Lake Worth Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Nursing home neglect can result in pain and suffering and even death for victims. A few recent cases have highlighted this issue and the difficulty in getting government agencies to impose penalties for facilities that fail to provide proper care for their residents. In Iowa, for example, one nursing home may have been responsible for the death of one of their residents. The woman was severely dehydrated and may not have been given water in three or four days, according to a report compiled by Iowa state officials.

No Action by Government Agencies

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMMS) is responsible for rating nursing homes and senior health care facilities. In many cases, however, the ratings issued by CMMS bear little or no relevance to the quality of care actually received by patients and residents in these facilities. On both the state and federal level, fines could be imposed on nursing homes for violations of patient rights, neglect and abuse. In practice, these fines are only sporadically applied and may not reflect the seriousness of the charges placed against nursing homes across the country and in our area.

Acting on Behalf of Family Members

Checking into the credentials of nursing homes and reading up on any complaints made against these facilities can provide added help in choosing the right options for your loved one. If you suspect that your family member is being neglected or abused, however, contacting a Lake Worth nursing home abuse lawyer is a good first step toward protecting them against further issues that could lead to injury, illness or even death. Your Lake Worth nursing home abuse lawyer can gather evidence and check on conditions inside the facility, allowing you to determine your best course of action when dealing with the welfare of the ones you love.

Lake Worth Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

At Elstein Law Firm, we work with families just like yours to provide expert legal representation. If you need an experienced Lake Worth nursing home abuse lawyer, Michael S. Elstein can deliver the most effective and practical solutions for holding nursing homes responsible for their actions or inaction. This can provide your loved ones with added protection during their stays in these facilities. Call our law offices at 561-422-9888 to schedule a free consultation. Our team of legal experts will work with you to ensure that your issues are resolved quickly and effectively in or out of court.

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