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Employment Claims – Unpaid Wages • Overtime • Discrimination • Wrongful Termination

Legal claims against employers in the State of Florida can be difficult since Florida is an “At – Will, ” which is a legal principle that allows employers to terminate / fire employees at will, for no reason at all unless the reasons are based upon the U.S. Constitution’s  prohibition against discrimination based upon age, race and religion.  Additionally, whistleblowers, individuals who report illegal activity, are also protected under the law.

Legal claims can stem from termination of employees who make workers compensation claims.   Employees who make workers compensation claims are protected by Florida law and in certain situations, employers can be held liable for damages which include lost wages, emotional distress and employers may be subject to criminal fines.

logo-EMany employees complain about workplace bullying, unfair job dismissals and harassment. Discrimination cases are common problems that affect workers in all industries. Some people detect exclusive treatment right away, but others work for years without knowing. Common problems include receiving less pay for the same work and being prevented a promotion.  Bullying is usually associated with schools, but it happens in work offices. Workers insult other workers, play cruel jokes and undermine their values. There is a difference between playfulness and abuse.

Contact the Elstein Law Firm to discuss your employment situation so we can evaluate whether you have a potential legal claim.  There are laws which exist to pursue  employers.   The Elstein Law Firm has the experience to handle these types of cases.

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