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Battle Rages Over PTSD Benefits for First Responders in Florida

A bill recently introduced by Florida State Representative Matt Willhite would make first responders with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) eligible for workers’ compensation within the state. An online letter published by the Florida League of Cities, however, noted the organization’s lack of support for this measure, citing financial concerns and the likely impact on taxpayers who would be required to pay for psychological treatment for these first responders.

Provisions of Florida House Bill 227

Willhite’s bill would add mental and nervous injuries and disorders to the list of conditions covered under Florida’s workers’ compensation law. Psychological trauma is already covered if it can be attributed to an incident in which a physical injury was incurred. House Bill 227 would make the accompanying physical injury unnecessary for first responders and would allow them to seek appropriate treatment under revised workers’ compensation statutes.

Ensuring the Best Outcomes for Injured Heroes

First responders must deal with extreme situations on a regular basis. Injuries, accidents and deaths are all part of the job for many police officers, firefighters and paramedics in the Wellington area. Over time, the trauma experienced by these individuals can cause serious psychological issues that could require help from a psychological professional. Florida House Bill 227 would provide a mechanism within the workers’ compensation regulations to provide that help to those who need it most.

Working for Fair Compensation

Seeking the assistance of a Wellington workers’ compensation lawyer can be a solid first step toward ensuring that your claim receives the attention and consideration needed to address issues related to your job. Not all work-related injuries are immediately obvious. Making sure you have a professional attorney on your side can help you make the most compelling case for your claim. Your Wellington workers’ compensation lawyer can provide the best help for you in dealing with these issues effectively and protecting your legal rights in and out of the courtroom setting.

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