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Medical Malpractice on the Rise in Florida Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Lake Worth Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Patients seeking emergency help from ambulatory surgery centers in Florida may be at risk of serious harm due to mistakes and medical malpractice in these outpatient care facilities. Experts allege that these medical centers may lack the expertise and in-depth knowledge needed to address complications and to react quickly to changes in the patient’s condition during and after surgery. For those who have been injured or who have lost family members or friends, seeking the counsel of a Lake Worth medical malpractice attorney can be a good first step toward holding these institutions financially accountable for their failures.

A Pattern of Medical Mistakes

The state of Florida has reported 335 fatal or life-threatening incidents at ambulatory surgery centers since 2013. This represents a tremendous toll on patients and their families in our area. In many cases, the centers involved in these incidents lack the expertise or the equipment needed to perform complicated procedures. Many of these clinics were established to provide a narrow range of elective surgeries. They have since been repurposed to offer more complex procedures, some of which may be beyond the practical capabilities of these medical centers.

Failure to Identify Issues

In several cases, ambulatory surgery centers have sent home patients who were still under the influence of anesthesia administered at the facilities or who had suffered an overdose because of the actions of surgeons and other medical personnel. Some of these patients suffered serious or life-threatening complications as a result. At least one patient died because of an overdose of opioid medication injected directly into his spine.

Risks for Routine Procedures

A study conducted by reporters from Kaiser Health News and the USA Today Network found that more than 260 people have lost their lives after receiving care from ambulatory surgical centers across the U.S. between 2013 and the present. Some patients died after relatively minor procedures, including tonsillectomies and colonoscopies. Retaining the services of an experienced Lake Worth medical malpractice lawyer can help families and patients to recover the financial costs of these mistakes and to hold ambulatory surgical centers accountable for their errors.

Lake Worth Medical Malpractice Lawyer Michael Elstein

At Elstein Law Firm, we specialize in providing reliable representation for clients who have suffered losses due to the medical mistakes of others. Michael Elstein is a knowledgeable and established Lake Worth medical malpractice lawyer with a proven track record of success for his clients. Call 561-422-9888 to schedule a free consultation with the Elstein Law Firm. We are committed to helping you achieve your legal goals.

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