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Lawsuit Demonstrates Hazards of Modified Vehicles

Lake Worth Personal Injury Lawyer

A recent court case highlights the devastating cost of faulty equipment in damage to property and lost lives on the highway. Werner Letterman lost his life on December 27, 2013, when a tire blew on his septic tank pumper truck. He was driving a truck that had been converted by his employer from a tractor-trailer tanker to a pumper truck vehicle. A lawsuit was filed against the employer, National Truck Center, alleging that the modifications made to the truck created unsafe driving conditions and led to the death of Mr. Letterman on Interstate 95.

A Grieving Son

Letterman left behind a son, Tyler Letterman, who testified about his loving father and the life they shared in Lake Worth. Letterman’s family enlisted the help of a Lake Worth personal injury lawyer to hold the company responsible for the losses sustained by Werner Letterman’s untimely death. The evidence and expert testimony presented by the plaintiffs in the case paint a picture of equipment failures caused by unsafe modifications made by National Truck Center.

The Employer’s Response

According to attorneys for National Truck Center, however, the modifications made were approved by the Florida Department of Transportation and the vehicle passed inspections at the state level on several occasions. The company argues that it did nothing wrong and that the truck was completely drivable until the blowout occurred. This defense, however, was refuted by the expert testimony provided on behalf of the plaintiffs in this case.

The Testimony of Expert Witnesses

The Lake Worth personal injury lawyer employed by the Letterman family called on Quest Engineering and Failure Analysis to reconstruct the accident and to provide expert testimony about the cause of the crash. Bryant Buchner, the president of the firm, indicated that he believed the modifications performed by National Truck Center made Letterman’s truck fundamentally more unstable and rendered it top-heavy. This put added pressure on the tires and rims at the front of the vehicle and could have contributed to both the loss of control and the original tire blowout.

Lake Worth Personal Injury Lawyer Michael Elstein

If you have been involved in an accident in which faulty equipment was implicated, retaining the services of a Lake Worth personal injury attorney can help you to obtain fair compensation for your damages and losses. At the Elstein Law Firm, we specialize in providing assertive and effective legal support for personal injury cases in our area. Call us today at 561-422-9888 to schedule a free consultation with us. We look forward to the opportunity to represent you.

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