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Facts About the FLSA and Overtime Pay in the State of Florida

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Understanding your rights in the labor force can ensure that you receive fair compensation for your hard work. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes minimum wage amounts, eligibility for overtime pay and recordkeeping requirements for employers in the U.S. Here are some facts you should know about overtime pay and wage regulations in the modern employment marketplace.

Employees Must Be Paid for All Hours Worked

Under FLSA regulations, employers must pay their employees for all hours worked. Failure to do so could result in regulatory action by state or federal agencies and legal actions by employees who consult with a Wellington overtime attorney. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that staff members are paid for the actual hours they are on duty.

Based on a Seven-Day Work Week

Employers can designate the beginning and end of their work week on an independent basis. However, these designated weeks must consist of seven days and 168 hours regardless of the pay schedule or the shifts assigned to employees within this period.

Performing Overtime Calculations

Most employees are covered by the provisions of FLSA that pertain to overtime pay. In general, staff members are entitled to overtime for all hours they work over 40 hours in a single work week. Overtime pay of one and one-half times the base rate of compensation is required by FLSA regulations for those who work more than 40 hours in a single work week.

Some Employees Are Exempt

Staff members who are classed as executive, administrative or professional employees are exempt from overtime pay requirements. Other employees who may be exempt from these requirements include the following:

  •  Seasonal and recreational workers
  • Broadcasting station employees
  • Domestic service employees
  • Babysitters and caregivers for the elderly
  • Farmworkers
  • Railway and air carrier employees
  • Sales representatives who work on commission
  • Staff members at movie theaters

For most individuals who receive an hourly wage, however, overtime pay is required for any hours worked over 40 in a given work week. Consulting with a Wellington overtime attorney can be a solid step toward protecting your right to fair compensation for the time you spend on behalf of your employer.

Wellington Overtime Attorney Michael Elstein

At Elstein Law Firm, we specialize in providing you with the most accurate and effective legal counsel when dealing with cases of unpaid wages or overtime in the state of Florida. We offer the most comprehensive help for staff members who have been cheated or shortchanged by their employers. If you need the help of an experienced Wellington overtime attorney, give us a call today at 561-422-9888. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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