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Shop Owner Pays More than $160,000 in Repairs After Hurricane

Wellington Homeowners Claims

A local business owner is out $160,000 after Hurricane Irma damaged one of his locations in September 2017. Jon Smith reported that the Congress Avenue location of Jon Smith Subs was damaged by a sign that fell onto his property and destroyed the roof of that location. The sub shop was closed for 17 days for repairs. Smith is still not certain of the precise amount he will be reimbursed by his insurance company for the damages and the necessary repairs.

Taking on the Insurance Companies

Smith’s difficulty with his insurance adjuster is nothing new to many business owners and residents in our area. Many Wellington homeowners claims go unanswered by insurers until an attorney gets involved. This can prove frustrating and may lead property owners to pay out of pocket for necessary repairs while they wait for the insurance company to respond to their claims and requests for information.

What Constitutes Property Damage?

Property damage may be caused by a natural event or by the deliberate or accidental acts of another person. In Smith’s case, a hurricane was responsible for the damage to his sub shop. Damage caused by storms is usually covered under your own insurance policy. Property damage that was caused by another person, however, may be covered under their general liability insurance policy. Your Wellington property damage attorney can provide you with added help in determining who must pay for the cost of repairs to your property.

How an Attorney Can Help

For many Wellington homeowners claims, simply retaining a Wellington property damage lawyer can be enough to prompt action by your insurer. In most cases, the insurance companies do not want the expense or stress involved in a court case or other legal action. Your attorney can often resolve your claims quickly to ensure the fastest possible payment and the highest settlement for your property damage.

At Elstein Law Firm, we specialize in all types of Wellington homeowners claims and property damage issues. We can negotiate directly with your insurance adjuster to make sure that all elements of your claim are considered and evaluated fairly. This can help you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your claims. Call us today at 561-422-9888 to discuss your case with us. Your first consultation is free.

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