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Lake Worth DUI Accident Lawyer
A local paramedic who lost his life in the line of duty is making a difference for Lake Worth drivers a year after his fatal accident. Paul Besaw and his partner, Lahiri Garcia, were killed on June 1, 2017, when their ambulance collided with a car driven by Genaro De La Cruz Ajqui. According to...
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Lake Worth Medical Malpractice Lawyer
Patients seeking emergency help from ambulatory surgery centers in Florida may be at risk of serious harm due to mistakes and medical malpractice in these outpatient care facilities. Experts allege that these medical centers may lack the expertise and in-depth knowledge needed to address complications and to react quickly to changes in the patient’s condition...
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Lake Worth Personal Injury Lawyer
A recent court case highlights the devastating cost of faulty equipment in damage to property and lost lives on the highway. Werner Letterman lost his life on December 27, 2013, when a tire blew on his septic tank pumper truck. He was driving a truck that had been converted by his employer from a tractor-trailer...
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Wellington Overtime Attorney
Understanding your rights in the labor force can ensure that you receive fair compensation for your hard work. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes minimum wage amounts, eligibility for overtime pay and recordkeeping requirements for employers in the U.S. Here are some facts you should know about overtime pay and wage regulations in the...
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Wellington Property Insurance Lawyer
Understanding the basics of filing a claim for property damage can help you avoid mistakes and ensure the highest settlement for your losses. Working with an experienced Wellington property insurance lawyer can ensure the best outcomes for you and your family. The Elstein Law Firm can help you navigate the process more easily and quickly...
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Wellington Personal Injury Attorney
A motorcycle crash that occurred early in the morning of April 21, 2018, left a woman in critical condition. Courtney Dzikowski was riding as a passenger on a motorcycle driven by Jason Labbe on Florida’s Turnpike when Labbe suddenly entered the right lane, colliding with a pickup truck and throwing both riders clear of the...
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Wellington Nursing Home Abuse
Understanding the warning signs of abuse in the nursing home setting can help you provide better protection for the ones you love. If you suspect that your family member or friend is being mistreated, contacting a Wellington nursing home abuse lawyer is a good first step toward resolving these issues and ensuring the safety and...
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Wellington Auto Accident Lawyer
After an accident that took the life of a 48-year-old woman in a parking lot in West Palm Beach, the driver responsible has been cited for careless driving. This charge is punishable by a fine, community service and suspension of driving privileges. The husband of the victim and others within the community have spoken out...
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Wellington Workers' Comp Attorney
The March 15, 2018, collapse of a pedestrian bridge under construction at Florida International University took the lives of six individuals and injured at least 10 other people. The incident has resulted in a number of lawsuits being filed against the contractors responsible for the bridge design and construction on the bridge. The families of...
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Wellington Car Accident Lawyer
Two local equestrian workers have lost their lives in a one-car accident on South Shore Boulevard in Wellington, Florida. Dana McWilliams and passenger Christian Kennedy were killed when McWilliams lost control of her 2013 Chevrolet Camaro late in the evening of November 25, 2017. A third passenger, Elaine Halloran, was critically injured and is still...
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